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have i the lip of the flamingo -

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ismael tv - ismael duá
plastic lullaby - aiko okamoto
xenia extempore - xenia fink
patternclash - francesca tallone
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May, 29th

04:06 pm - come & visit!


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February, 22nd

09:22 pm - but they have not seen me

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February, 6th

02:02 am - sometimes i think i'd rather


November, 23rd

10:04 pm

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November, 7th

03:58 pm - ¨ gallery - second official show

After its summer break ¨ gallery is proud to present artist Ismael Duá (*1981) with a solo show.
Ismael Duá works in many fields, his only limitation being the format: DIN A4.
As we know, ¨ gallery is only 8 x 4,5 cm in size.
Be there at seven to get a cup of Glühwein and see the artist fold and unfold his ideas.
Afterwards Ismael Duá invites the guests over to his studio for drinks & discussion.

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October, 30th

09:37 pm - myself is what i wear*

*from 'open house' by theodore roethke


08:40 pm - tand

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September, 18th

05:06 pm - bric-a-brac

TAND - an exhibition together with my father
opening september 28th, seven pm, drop by if you're near!

Galerie ARTikel3
Rafaela Bohsung, Constance Strecke
Luisenstr. 68, 80798 München
Tel. 24290944
Di 10-12, Do 10-12 und 16-19, Fr 15-18 Uhr


September, 6th

04:59 pm - Ahnen

"Eine fiktive Ahnengalerie in leeren Streichholzschachteln, aus deren Rahmen unbekannte und unheimliche Geschöpfe starren,
spielt mit der Sehnsucht nach Zuordnung und Zugehörigkeit, sowie der Idee, dass 'Familie' sich aller Idealvorstellungen zum Trotz
manchmal als Horrorkabinett entpuppen will."

"A ficticious gallery of ancestors - creatures unknown and uncanny stare at us out of their matchbox-frames - toys with the desire for belonging and correlation as it does with the idea that 'family' - no matter how idealized - not seldom reveals itself to be a cabinet of horror and wonder."

shown as part of bubu nation vol. 32

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August, 9th

06:34 pm - ¨ gallery - first official show - opening tonight!

right across the street from schleißheimerstraße 58 there is a tiny hole in the wall that is now a gallery.
we have seven limited edition artworks to give away at the opening.
make sure to join us on monday august 9th from 7pm to 10pm.
later on we can have a glass of wine together at the triana bar.


July, 11th

07:39 pm - east of me, west of me, full summer*

*from a poem by charles wright

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June, 25th

09:21 am - shall i uncrumple this much crumpled thing*

* from a poem by wallace stevens

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June, 16th

11:37 pm - chasing geese


June, 14th

06:13 pm - bourgeois hens

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June, 1st

02:30 pm - art is a guarantee of sanity

rest in peace, louise bourgeois!

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May, 27th

01:48 pm - meaning of may

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May, 18th

09:26 am - meek & tender

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May, 7th

05:16 pm - fearless


April, 28th

01:03 pm - invitation

“Zipor, Ziporim, Ziporra - ansonsten Danke und Liebe Grüße”

Donnerstag 6. Mai 2010, 19 Uhr

Lothstrasse 78a | 80797 München

7. - 21. Mai 2010
Dienstag - Freitag, 13 - 18 Uhr und n.V.

The image of the bird evokes ideas that are connected to the occult
and the surreal but it also touches a nerve of hopefulness,
perhaps an old and deep wish to be socially compatible.
It transports with a naïve certainty the idea of a more peaceful future.


April, 25th

06:56 pm - fish follows function


April, 13th

10:16 pm - future furniture

notes from a visit at the vitra design museumCollapse )


March, 10th

04:30 pm - i leaned to line the figures in*

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February, 24th

12:46 pm - up to the ceiling down to the ground


February, 16th

12:32 pm - circus circumstance

my drawing appears on the cover of stimulus respond's circus issue!
there is more to be found inside along wonderful editorials and wondrous poems and stories.
thank you to jack boulton and the people at stimulus respond for doing a marvellous job there.

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February, 14th

03:52 pm - nightkitchen drift


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